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Buy Water Soluble CBD – Virgin™

Buy Water Soluble CBD | Online (Bulk/Wholesale) X 12Bottles/Case

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Buy Water Soluble CBD

Order Water Soluble CBD | Online (Bulk/Wholesale) X 12Bottles/Case.

CBD Miracle Labs is Introducing Virgin™ to the CBD market, the world’s first true H2O Soluble CBD product. Therefore, meet CBD soluble suppliers.

However, after 2 years of research & development, CBD Miracle Labs is Introducing Virgin™ to the CBD market, the world’s first true Water Soluble CBD product.

Virgin™ was developed by considering:

(1) Firstly, market need for a true Water Soluble CBD product

(2) Finally, most importantly, extensive customer feedback

How does CBD Miracle Labs’s Virgin™ – Water Soluble CBD match up against competitor water soluble products?

TruAngstrom, Water Soluble Cannabinoid Technology Platform From CBD Miracle Labs. Buy Water Soluble CBD.


Why Virgin™?

Order Water Soluble CBD. Our P.h.D. formulation scientists, with the help of customer feedback, have developed an advanced H20 soluble CBD product that is

  • Water-Based (NOT oil-based). Other, CBD Soluble suppliers use oil-based emulsifiers. CBD Miracle Labs DOES NOT! We do not use surfactants or emulsifiers such as polysorbate or lecithin, or any liposomes including phospholipids or micelles.
  • Completely clear & transparent and not hazy or translucent.
  • Higher bioavailability.
  • Has high-shelf life stability (because of it’s water-base).
  • Particle size is small and consistent (less than 1 nanometer).
  • Utilizes CBD Isolate Virgin™, which contains CBDV & 7-10 terpenes
  • No need for Glycerin, lecithin, solvents, detergents, or phospholipids.
  • Much easier to mask CBD bitterness

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 8 cm


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