How to choose the Right CBD Product for you

How to choose the Right CBD product

How to choose the Right CBD product for you – Simple!  🌿

How to choose the Right CBD product. Furthermore, Follow the step as indicated below:

  1. Firstly, Check with doctor/medical team first and foremost
  2. Secondly, Choose between CBD Isolate or CBD full spectrum. Isolate has no thc in it and full spectrum has trace amounts of thc. If you are drug tested you do NOT want full spectrum.
  3. Then decide if you would prefer using CBD via vaping, traditional inhalation, topically, orally or sublingually.
  4. My suggestion (opinion) is to get on a tincture as your daily use baseline. These are used sublingually. Then add in additional forms of product as you go. My fav combo currently is tincture twice a day and a pre rolled CBD flower joint at night!
  5. Then pick your strength. There are 60 uses in each 30ml bottle.

500mg = 8.33mg CBD per serving
750mg = 12.5mg CBD per serving
1000mg = 16.67mg CBD per serving
1500mg = 25mg CBD per serving
2000mg = 33.33mg CBD per serving

Industry wide I have seen it suggested that someone with anxiety, ptsd or other mental health issue use between 40mg to 160mg of CBD per day. My experience in working with clients with chronic pain also seem to fit this category often. So I usually start most people out at around the 1000mg strength and work up (or down) from there if needed.

  1. If you’re really sensitive to other supplements and medications, try the low strength first. If you have a very serious chronic issue you might want to try a higher strength.
  2. Place your Order via WhatsApp OR Email . If your subtotal is $500 or more, you will receive 10% off retail cost and also get free shipping!
  3. Realize that no matter what you have an endocannabinoid system. It’s purpose is to balance your body out. If you are deficient in making your own cannabinoids, it makes sense to take exogenous ones such as what we offer on this page. Regardless of issue you have, CBD is working to balance all of you.
  4. Finally, just start taking it. Every day. Start off with a few drops, and work your way into using it one to two times a day. If you need it more times a day that is OK! This just means you need to increase your strength next time or add in additional products Give yourself at least 1-3 months on this before you give up on it.

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